7 Ways To Get More Exposure For Your New Product Startup

Starting a business can be difficult, but with social media, promoting your product can be easy. There are dozens of platforms and techniques for getting more exposure for your product. Here are a few of our favorites.

Facebook Offers  — One of the best ways to get a new product out into the marketplace is to offer coupons or exclusive discounts to new customers that allow them to try your product with minimal cost. Facebook Offers, a relatively new marketing feature, can help you push coupons or exclusive offers to the Facebook audience you choose (including location and age) and set a limit for true exclusivity.

Tumblr pictures – Although Tumblr is one of the lesser utilized social media platforms, it can be a great alternative for companies who have visual products (like clothing, photography or jewelry.) Consider using Tumblr as a micro-blogging platform, sharing pictures, quotes or gifs with your audience.

Twitter Parties – Twitter parties can be a fun way to engage your audience while building brand awareness for your new product. Twitter parties take some planning, including promoting the party well in advance, creating great content that participants will want to answer and retweet, and determining a great giveaway at the end (which draws your participants in in the first place!) Balancing fun questions with information about your product can get people buzzing and sharing the information with their followers.

YouTube Demos – If your product is “demo-worthy”, YouTube is one of the best ways to show your product to the world. YouTube videos can be as simple to film as shooting with your smartphone or build-in laptop camera. Titles and music can be added within YouTube before the video is processed, or you can edit using free editing programs (iMovie on Mac or Windows Movie Maker on PC, both free and very easy to use.) Another benefit for YouTube videos is that well-made instructional videos can go viral – learn how to triple your YouTube video views!

Reviews & Giveaways – No matter what your business, there is a blogging community out there who will review your product. Many bloggers are open to reviews and giveaways and have an audience of thousands. Find bloggers in blogging directories online, then research their blog and find out if the tone and audience is right for your produce. Next, contact the blogger (use their name, and details about their blog; many bloggers shy away from templated giveaway pitches) and discuss the details. Typically, a review and giveaway will “cost” you two products, plus the cost of shipping the product to the company, but it will be worth the investment if the blogger gives you a positive review.

Pin to Win – Pinterest is quickly becoming one of the biggest website referrals, and a well-trafficked site for women 18 to 40. Getting your product pinned onto the site can bring exposure for your product and traffic to your site. Set up a Pinterest contests, during which you ask customers and fans to pin your product to their boards as a contest entry. Often known as “Pin to Win”, these contests can help you get customers interested in your product and share it with others who might not know about it.

Blogging – Blogging is beneficial in two ways: it helps you create content based around your products and services to share on social media and it can boost your SEO rankings (Google rewards fresh, relevant content with higher rankings.) Blogging can be anything from an intro to the product, a tutorial about how to use it, behind-the-scenes photos of the production of the product or just thoughts about your industry.

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